Saturday 26 November 2016

Back at Shawell

Four Caspian Gulls at Shawell this week: two adults and a couple of first-winters. One of the first-winters was a German colour-ringed bird. It was ringed at Grabendorfer See - a large lake near Liepzig. I visited this site in April when I took part in the International Gull Meeting. Not a classic, but probably OK. The greater coverts are a little more patterned than I like, but examples like this are within the accepted variation. It has replaced at least one median covert and all its scapulars, which bodes well. Hopefully it will return each year, so we can see how it matures.

First-Winter Caspian Gull X198 - Shawell Sand Quarry
I was excited when I spotted a white gull sleeping amongst the Herring Gulls, but as soon as it lifted its head I realised something was not quite right. It had a Herring Gull like bill and structurally it wasn't quite right.  last year's 'white-winger' season started with a Herring Gull with pure white primaries as well.

Presumed Leucistic Herring Gull

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