Saturday 23 January 2016

Back to Normal

After all the ice and Glaucous Gulls on Thursday it was back to normal at Shawell today. That said three Caspian Gulls were good to see - an adult, and two second-winters. The adult I saw on Thursday but the second-winters were both new birds.

Second-Winter Caspian Gull

Second-Winter Caspian Gull (same as above)

Second-Winter Caspian Gull
Below is a video of the second-winter which is worth a watch as it is such a smart looking gull. Remember best watched on Youtube with the quality setting on HD.


As always I was entertained looking for colour rings and amongst yesterday's crop was a first-winter Great Black-backed Gull from Norway. It great that these colour rings help us understand where these birds come from.

Norwegian Ringed Great Black-backed Gull JJ408

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