Wednesday 11 March 2015

Pictures From the Desert

Our trip to Morocco coincided with the right conditions for flowers to bloom. Snow lying on the ground in the desert the week before our arrival, was obviously the catalyst for this. I checked the altitude with my GPS and was surprised that even though we were on flat ground, we were actually higher than Britain's highest mountain. According to our Moroccan guide, seeing so many wild flowers in this part of the world is a rare event.

The Desert in Bloom

A Type of Broomrape

The Suns Coming Up

The Snowy Peaks of The High Atlas Mountains

It's Cold in the Desert in the Early Morning

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  1. Hi Carl

    Great stuff. I love Morocco and it's been great following your photo diary of your trip. It makes me think that one of these days I'll have to leave the fish factories and fishing ports behind for a few days and go further inland than I've been before!
    You're so lucky to be there for the desert bloom too!

    Best Wishes