Thursday 16 October 2014

Caspian Gull Sightings at Shawell so far During 2014

 CDB's Caspian Gull Sightings at Shawell so far During 2014

  1. Second-winter, January 11th
  2. Adult, January 18th
  3. Second-winter, January 18th
  4. Fourth-winter, February 1st
  5. First-winter, March 5th
  6. Second-winter, March 5th (also March 15th, 26th and 29th)
  7. Fourth-winter, March 8th
  8. Second-winter, March 22nd
  9. Second-winter, March 29th
  10. First-winter/summer, April 5th
  11. Juvenile, August 2nd
  12. Juvenile, August 5th, colour-ringed XDFV
  13. Juvenile, August 9th (also August 13th and 20th)
  14. Adult, August 9th, colour-ringed PADZ (also October 22nd)
  15. First-summer/second-winter, August 19th
  16. Adult, August 20th
  17. Adult, August 23rd
  18. First-winter, September 17th (also September 24th)
  19. Second-winter, October 11th, colour-ringed XNDJ (also October 18th)
  20. Adult, October 12th (also October 18th)
  21. Adult, October 18th (also October 22nd, 28th & 29th)
  22. Third-winter, October 19th
  23. Fourth-winter, October 22nd (also October 29th)
  24. Third-winter, October 28th
  25. Adult, November 1st, (female)
  26. Adult, November 1st (also November 10th)
  27. Fourth-winter, November 8th (also November 19th & 22nd)
  28. Fourth-winter, November 10th
  29. Third-winter, November 19th (also December 6th)
  30. Third-winter, November 20th (also December 6th, 11th and 13th)
  31. Adult or fourth-winter, November 26th
  32. Third-winter, November 29th
  33. Adult or fourth-winter, November 29th (also December 3rd)
  34. Adult, December 6th (short legged)
  35. Adult or fourth-winter, December 6th
  36. Fourth-winter, December 20th
  37. Third-winter, December 23rd
  38. First-winter, December 29th, colour-ringed 16P4
  39. Adult, December 29th
Note: these are all considered to be different individuals - bill colour and unique marks plus eye colour was compared especially on adults to work out whether they were the same or not.


All presumed to be Caspian x Herring

  1. Adult, February 7th
  2. Adult, March 5th
  3. Adult, April 9th
  4. Adult, July 5th (metal ring on right leg)
  5. Second-summer/winter, August 20th (also August 23rd)
  6. Adult, November 1st, (also November 5th and 8th)
  7. Second-winter, November 10th (also November 12th & 22nd)
  8. Adult, November 20th
  9. Adult, November 22nd
  10. Fourth-winter or adult December 11th
  11. Adult, December 20th

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  1. Must try to get my head around these Caspian Gulls Carl and keep an eye out for them.You have seen a lot of them already this year and more to see towards the end of the year, hopefully.