Sunday 30 June 2013

Peregrine Falcon

I am lucky enough to have two Peregrine Falcon territories close to where I live. This morning I left home early hoping to get some flight shots. The breeding attempt is late this year. The young usually fledge by early June, but so far there is no sign of any young. They are probably too small to venture out from the protection of the rock that is in front of the eyrie.

The Female
The female was flying about calling to her mate to bring in food. Right on cue he appeared carrying a ready meal and he flew in right over my head.

Male Peregrine Carrying Food
Pigeons Watch Out
The female was very noisy, which bodes well as far as the breeding attempt goes. The female ups her volume when she has hungry mouths to feed to stimulate the male to hunt.



  1. A brilliant set of classy images Carl, I am sure you are well chuffed with them? I was having a drink last week near to where you work and I can confirm that there are chicks........

  2. Hi Paul,

    Four healthy chicks were visible today.

  3. Really nice images carl,noticed a Peregine at Brascote on a few occasions,never seen one in the summer before don't know if its a bird from your neck of the woods?

  4. Hi Colin, I'm not sure whether the Peregrines we see at Brascote are the ones from the nesting territories near to me, or whether they are unmated birds.