Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Waxwing Update

The Waxwings are still in Stoney Stanton today and the number has risen to 25.

I found 17 more this morning in Hinckley by the McDonalds on the Northern Perimeter Road. They were feeding on exactly the same type and colour of berry that the Stoney Stanton birds are feeding on. Basically I was passing and I remembered a berry bush that had looked promising in the past, so I took a look on the off chance and bingo there they were.

I have got my eye on a few more locations, so hopefully more flocks will turn up locally.

The local Blackbirds have been posing well at times on the berry trees, so I thought I should show one of them off to you. Anyway this male deserves to get a bit of attention as he is really smart.

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