Thursday, 21 January 2016

Getting Greedy Now!

I decided to take advantage of the cold snap and go and enjoy a few gulls on the ice at Shawell today. 

First though I nipped over to Braunstone to try and get some more pictures of the juvenile Glaucous Gull, as it is still frequenting the Casepak recycle plant. Alas I didn't get any views of it, but I did spot a nice Mediterranean Gull resting on top of the large green cladded fence.

Mediterranean Gull, Casepak Recycle Centre 21/01/16

The lure of the ice at Shawell soon saw me hurrying away from Leicester. At the A5 lagoons it was standing room only on the ice. A smart adult Caspian Gull was on the bank, but partially hidden by overhanging trees. With lots of legs on the ice it was inevitable that some would have colour rings. In the end I read 17 including the Herring Gull from Finland that I saw before Christmas.

I was hoping for a 'white-winger', but I got two. My total for January is now five different Glaucous Gulls in Leicestershire. I seem to be on a one man mission to de-value the species in the County!

Juvenile Glaucous Gull

Now sit back and enjoy a video of the two Glaucous Gulls that were at Shawell today - much warmer sat in front of your PC. Don't forget to change the quality to HD.

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  1. Nice one Carl with the Med Gull at Casepak, I get the feeling the site will watched more regular due to your sightings! Probably see you there over the weekend?