Saturday, 26 July 2014

Gulling - how rude!

lately one of the most well read postings on my Blog is 'Back to Gulling'. This didn't make too much sense to me, as the video attached to that post was not getting a proportional amount of viewings. Well I decided to Google search the word Gulling and was I in for a surprise. Apparently 'Gulling' is an activity that men who watch 'Doggers' do. In order to protect the innocent I won't describe what Dogging and Gulling is here, but I bet they weren't looking for pictures of Seagulls when they Googled Gulling!

I will have to check out the look on people's faces when I tell them I'm off Gulling at the weekend.

Anyway I had a great Gulling session today at Shawell. Every now and then I could see at least a thousand gulls in flight over the landfill site, but not all of them came to the lagoons. However, a good number of Yellow-legged Gulls came in - mostly adults. My best count so far this month is 23 adults in one flock at the landfill site. Three different juvenile YLG's also put in an appearance today, which was pleasing. Also the first juvenile Herring Gulls are beginning to appear.

Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull (compare it with the juv. LBB Gull at the back)
Juvenile Lesser Black-backed Gull for Comparison


  1. Love this post Carl - had me in stitches!!!! I never knew that (honest). Right, I'm off to google gulling....

  2. You'll have to come up with another name rather than Gulling mate, Gullible more like it :-}