Friday, 5 July 2013

A Real Summer's Day at Last

Last July I wrote Enough is Enough, because the weather was so bad. Now at last it appears we might be about to enjoy a spell of real sunny weather. Today was perfect - warm with clear blue skies and light winds. It was a shame I had to work, but I did have to pass below a Peregrine eyrie whilst going about my business and I just happened to have my camera close to hand. The parents were away and the four youngsters were sitting out on the ledge enjoying the sun. I wasn't as close as it appears in the image below, as it is just the centre of the original photo.

Peregrine Chick
Despite the fact that it's sunny at the moment, the cold wet summers of the last three or four years have had a devastating effect on many bird species and also some insects. Summer butterfly numbers appear to be low and also dragonflies. I have seen a few Meadow Browns and also a few Ringlets, but mostly as single butterflies. Lets hope that British wildlife has a successful breeding season this year. There is a nesting colony of Swifts near my house and the numbers returning have dropped from at least 30 birds a few years ago to just ten this year. It was great to hear them screaming as they flew over my head this evening.  

Black-tailed Skimmer Enjoying the Sunshine

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