Sunday 24 August 2014

Juvenile Caspian Gull Re-visited

I have been going through my images of a juvenile Caspian Gull that I saw on three separate dates this month. I have changed my mind a couple of times as to whether it was the same bird, due to apparent differences in the photos on separate days. However,  after Tom Lowe suggested it was the same bird, I had another look at the images and now I am happy to say I agree with him.

August 9th (overcast)

The image above was taken on August 9th and when compared with the other photos on different days you can clearly see how different light effects the appearance of the gull.

Below is the same individual on August 13th and then the 20th:

August 13th (raining)

August 20th (sunny)
August 20th (sunny)

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