Saturday, 3 May 2014

Ring Ouzels

I had a really good time in the Peak District today - the weather was perfect. Arriving early was a good plan as I saw at least ten Ring Ouzels, but later in the day they had all disappeared. If you are a late riser you might conclude that the species is in steep decline. I only saw two females, but maybe the others are already on eggs . Most of the males were singing their melancholic song, which made them easy to find.

Male Ring Ouzel

Whilst watching one of the male Ring Ouzels, a female Merlin came up out of the heather and chased a Skylark. I lost them as they flew in front of the sun resulting in me temporarily blinding myself, but I had managed to get a really good view before that happened.

Other highlights seen on my very long walk included a male Redstart, a male Whinchat, quite a few summer-plumaged Golden Plover and five Cuckoos.

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