Friday, 11 July 2014

What Does Adventure Mean to Me?

I was sent an email by Berghaus recently, asking for adventurers to write a short piece on their Blog about  ‘what adventure means to you’, so here goes...

For me adventure is being challenged by situations created by the natural world.  Of course embarking on an adventure does not guarantee you will have one and you should never try too hard. Adventure can be experienced even in the most familiar of locations when the conditions alter and become more challenging. Personally I think adventure kicks off when we take ourselves out of our personal comfort zone and explore somewhere new.

A wise man I met on a wet day in the Cairngorm Mountains told me that adventure is retrospective fun. Ice blasted in your face, freezing temperatures and deep snow may not be pleasant, but you'll never forget it, so maybe he was right. 

Adventure really gets going when nature asks questions of our ability, or when something completely unexpected happens. For those lucky enough to have been gifted with a spirit of adventure, there is still a wild world out there waiting to be explored...

Adventuring Out on a Winter's Day

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