Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Life on the Edge

The first hint of snow and I was off on one of my winter training days in preparation for my annual winter trip to Scotland. As normal I was lured to the Derwent Edge.

Derwent Edge
The walk up hill to the edge is a good stretch of the legs, especially after I've been a bit inactive for the last couple of months. I was also carrying full winter gear and my camera equipment. Some say only mad fools venture up onto the moor in snowy conditions and sometimes I'm all on my own (not sure what to make of that). In previous years the snow has been much deeper, but there's time yet.

A View Down into the Derwent valley
Some of the Red Grouse can be quite approachable along the main footpath and I was lucky enough to reacquaint myself with an old friend. I am sure I have photographed this same grouse three years in a row. He is always in the same place and behaves the same way. He appears to be totally at ease with humans.  I took the opportunity to practice film making, so let me know what you think.

It was snowing whilst I took most of the images and the light was awful, but I think they turned out reasonably well.

Red Grouse
Red Grouse
Red Grouse
Red Grouse
Below are a couple of images from previous years:

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  1. Great pictures carl of the red Grous and the movie is beautifful in the snow and the noise !

    gr from Holland without the red grous.