Sunday, 28 June 2015

Curious Birds

It is quite obvious that some of the birds at Cotesbach landfill site actually fly over to check me out. Several times one or other of the resident pair of Red Kites has flown low and slow over me and had a real good look at me. Yesterday morning a juvenile Raven circled just above me, as did a juvenile Common Buzzard. I wear a high vis vest whilst on site, so obviously I stand out, but I have not noticed birds behaving quite like this elsewhere.

Juvenile Raven

Juvenile Common Buzzard (note: no tail band and short wings)

I was also checked out by the drake Shelduck as I neared the pond his family are residing on. This of course is more normal behaviour. The ducklings have matured fast and they were a little easier to approach and take a few photos compared to when they were really small.

Drake Shelduck
Juvenile Shelduck - One of Seven

The Red Kites were hunting almost continually yesterday and I saw at least one everywhere I went around Shawell. Both birds are distinctive due to feather loss/damage.

Red Kite

There were lots of gulls loafing around in the quarry, but they remained mostly distant, so it was good to have other distractions. I visited a small pool close to the A5 Lagoons and I was delighted to find some White-legged Damselflies and also good numbers of Red-eyed Damselflies. The pool is next to a meadow that appears to have been left to its own devices. Quite a few Common Spotted Orchids were visible in the long grass, so maybe there are more interesting flowers to be discovered.

Red-eyed Damselfly

Common Spotted Orchid


  1. Nice post Carl, its nice to have a bit of variety of wildlife whilst out birding!!

  2. Hi Carl, you do know that Pyramidal and Bee Orchids have been recorded in the past at Shawell.

  3. Hi Dave, no I didn't know that but I will keep my eyes open. Any ideas where abouts?