Sunday, 17 August 2014

Hookpod - Saving the Albatross From Extinction

Whilst at the Birdfair yesterday I noticed a stand talking about saving albatrosses. I have made donations in the past to help this cause and so I was interested in what they were doing. They are trying to bring a new product out, which will help greatly in preventing albatrosses getting themselves hooked whilst following longline fishing vessels. As you will probably know, the albatross takes the bait that is supposed to attract Tuna and ends up hooked on a massive hook before the bait sinks. Almost all of the World's albatross species are threatened, so they need our help.

The Hookpod, as well as preventing the albatross being hooked will also stop millions of chemical lightsticks being thrown into sea. The Hookpod has a built in LED light. The lightsticks are used to attract bait fish and once used end up discarded in the sea. The Hookpod only opens up once the hook and bait reach 15 metres, which keeps the hook from catching albatrosses.

Clearly this is a very worthwhile project, but it does need money to get off the ground. It's not up to me to tell anyone how to spend their money, but if you can make a small donation then hopefully it will make a real difference to albatrosses. I have given my donation.

Go read all about it on the Hookpod Website, which can be found HERE

Whilst checking out a few bits and pieces on the internet tonight, I came across something about the Hookpod and I was surprised to see an image of me on their stand at the Birdfair. I'm sure you all agree that they captured my best side.


  1. Nice to see your back

  2. Hi Col, I thought you might have said 'it's good to see the back of you'