Sunday, 4 February 2018

Battle of the Giants

I managed to capture yesterday's Glaucous Gull at Shawell doing battle with two Great Black-backed Gulls.


Saturday, 3 February 2018

A New Glaucous Gull and Some More Caspian Gulls

First of all can I make a complaint - why does it have to rain every Saturday?

Despite the weather I was not put off and after arranging a passage through the massive plant machinery, operating by my access point, I was set for a good days gulling.

21 colour-ring readings today.

The highlight amongst the gulls was a new juvenile Glaucous. This one was a real beast of a bird and it got involved with a tug of war competition with a couple of Great Black-backed Gulls. It was every bit as massive as its two antagonists.

I thought I was going to be empty handed as far as Caspian Gulls today, but then in a ten minute flurry I saw three - two first-winters and a second-winter.

Below is a video of some recent sightings of Caspian Gulls.

Thursday, 1 February 2018


On Sunday I went over to Watermead to take some photos of any gulls present. My luck was really in, as I managed to photograph a Norwegian ringed Common Gull and a Danish Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Danish Colour-Ringed LBBG VK8C

Norwegian Colour-Ringed Common Gull J225
A pair of very confiding (dodgy) R C Pochards were hanging around with all the ducks and swans waiting to be fed.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Juvenile Iceland Gull

It was bitter cold at Shawell this morning and very damp.

I persevered until just after lunch, but I was on my last pair of dry gloves by then and the gulls were dispersing, so I gave it best.

There was no rubbish tipping going on, so the gulls were a bit erratic in their appearances on the tip. Nevertheless I had a couple of nice Caspian Gulls including a belter of a second-winter. That one kept moving, so no pics, but a 'short-billed' adult was better behaved.

I moved round to the sand quarry, viewed from Gibbet Lane, and a juvenile Iceland Gull dropped in. At first I thought it was the bird I saw on January 6th, but its markings are different, so I believe it is a new one. A first-winter Caspian Gull was close by making it three for the day.

You can see an update on all the 'white-wingers' seen at Shawell so far by clicking HERE

Juvenile Iceland Gull
Adult Caspian Gull

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Juvenile Glaucous Gull Again

I had a short while at Shawell again today and I concentrated my efforts on the gulls loafing around in the sand quarry off Gibbet Lane.

The Glaucous Gull I first picked out last Saturday was there again. The light was better and I'm now happy that it is a pure bird with darkish upper primaries.