Sunday, 10 June 2018

Osprey at Brascote Pits

There has only been three previous accepted records of Osprey in the south-west Leicestershire area. Whilst at Brascote Pits today Adey Baker and I bumped into Colin Green. Whilst we were chatting we noticed the resident Oystercatchers were a bit agitated. We all noticed a Buzzard over the far pit and thought that was the cause of their angst and carried on talking. I then noticed a large raptor overhead and almost dismissed it as the Buzzard. Luckily I raised my bins and realised it was an Osprey and shouted Osprey! It circled around for a while with a Buzzard joining it.

Osprey, Brascote Pits, June 10th 2018

Brascote Pits is in bloom at present with lots of orchids. Southern Marsh, Common Spotted, Pyramidial and Bee Orchid plus lots of hybrid Common Spotted x Southern Marsh.

Southern Marsh Orchid

Bee Orchid

Southern Marsh x Common Spotted Orchids

Friday, 8 June 2018

German Ringed Gull Improving With Age

Last weekend I saw a colour-ringed gull from the German mixed colonies. I first saw this bird as a juvenile back in 2017 when it didn't look anything like a Caspian Gull. However, last week it looked distinctly more Caspian like although still not perfect.

X735, June 2018

X735, September 2017

Thursday, 31 May 2018


After finding a couple of Sanderling at Brascote Pits on Friday/Saturday I enjoyed about 18 of them on the beach at Titchwell in splendid sunshine.

There was quite a variety and some looked a little skinny to me. I hope they weren't starving?

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Sanderlings at Brascote Pits

I have seen a few Sanderlings in the SW Leics area over the years and most of them occurred during bad weather. The weather was very bad on Friday and I had booked the day off work to enjoy a long Bank Holiday weekend. A trip to Brascote Pits in the morning resulted in just one thing - me getting wet.

Later in the afternoon I made another visit and this time I was pleased to see five Ringed Plovers and a splendid little Sanderling. The following morning there was two Sanderlings there and a couple of summer plumaged Grey Plover circled the 'moonscape pool' before carrying on their way north.

Photography was very difficult in the wet murky conditions, but I did get a record shot of one of the Sanderlings.

Sanderling and Ringed Plovers at Brascote Pits

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Iceland Gull

I was most surprised to spot an Iceland Gull today. The previous latest spring record for Leicestershire & Rutland was May 2nd 1999 - an adult at Rutland Water seen by Andy Forryan.

Steve Nichols had stopped by for a quick chat and just as he was about to leave when I spotted this little beauty.

It was a dainty bird with distinctly pale coverts. It appears very similar to the one last seen on April 25th, The coverts are paler, but there is a mark under the eye that is also visible on the photos I took in April, so it must be the long staying bird. Where has it been hiding, as it hasn't been seen in the Draycote Water roost since the end of April?