I offer a selection of illustrated talks for local groups in Leicestershire and beyond; these include 'In Search of Wild Britain', 'Spitsbergen' and the ever popular 'Natural History of Croft Hill'. judging by the fact that I always seem to get invited back, I must be doing a reasonable job. 

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In 2011 I joined the crew of the Noorderlicht in an attempt to circumnavigate Spitsbergen. Spitsbergen is the largest of Svalbard's islands and is situated in the 'High Arctic'. You will  see some amazing wildlife and scenery in one of the world's  greatest wilderness locations.  Tales of getting stuck in the pack ice, encountering hundreds of seabirds and seeing one of the planet's most iconic creatures will hopefully ensure that everyone has a great evening.

This is a popular talk on one of our local landmarks. The evening will surprise everyone, as there is more than you think lurking in the quiet corners of south-west Leicestershire. You will learn that it is not always necessary to travel miles to see some truly magnificent wild creatures. The talk is fully illustrated and of a light hearted nature.