Thursday, 25 August 2016

Colour Ringed Caspian Gulls at Shawell

I was over at Shawell last night and thousands of gulls were sheltering in the quarry from the strong wind that had built up. The viewing conditions are very good at present and I have read 53 colour rings in two early evening visits this week. Many intermedius Lesser Black-backed Gulls are there at present. I have read 10 Norwegian colour-rings so far this week.

Last night I spotted the regular third-summer Caspian Gull green colour-ring XNDJ and a new Polish one yellow PKXS (awaiting details).

The new Caspian Gull pitched down on the very end of the gull flock which made things easy. However, I didn't have long to view it, as one of the dumper truck drivers on overtime drove straight through the flock!

The photos below are poor quality screen grabs from the videos I made.

Adult or near-Adult Caspian Gull (PKXS), Shawell Quarry, (no general access) August 24th 2016

Third-Summer Caspian Gull (XNDJ), Shawell Quarry, (no general access) August 24th 2016


  1. Its brilliant what information ringing these birds produces, by the way Carl noticed some adult Herring Gulls on the B&Q roof on Blackbird Road on Wednesday?

  2. Interesting about the gulls on B&Q roof. It will be a fun project to try and track down where the gulls off the old British Shoe factory will go to breed now.