Sunday, 9 December 2012

Bully Boy Thrush

I've hoped to see Waxwings at the Elmesthorpe Village Hall for many years, as there is always a good crop of berries on one of the small trees in the car park. This year is no exception and on Friday I spotted a Mistle Thrush feeding on the berries. I made a mental note that he might prove to be trouble if any Waxwings did find the berries. Well this afternoon I decided to have another look and low and behold there were some Waxwings on the berries but, you guessed it, the nasty thrush swooped down and chased them off.

They gave up trying to feed on the berries in the car park, instead they found some more behind the hall. It's amazing how one Mistle Thrush can create so much terror, especially as the flock eventually numbered 34 individuals.

The photographic opportunities were not as good as at Stoney Stanton, but I did manage to get a few records shots.


The Waxwings appear to have lost the battle with the Mistle Thrush, as I haven't seen them since last Sunday despite looking. The berries are still there, so maybe they'll come back.


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